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   Cuba Villa Cayo Las Brujas Hotel Villa Clara

Cuba Villa Cayo Las Brujas Hotel , Villa Clara
Prices and Offers

Farallon de las Brujas, Punta Periquillo. Caibarien.

Cuba Villa Cayo Las Brujas Hotel , Villa Clara
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Cuba Villa Cayo Las Brujas Hotel , Villa Clara
Prices and Offers. 

Cuba Villa Cayo Las Brujas Hotel , Villa Clara, Cayo Las Brujas Village is located at Punta Periquillo, at Las Brujas Key coast in Villa Clara Province next to a wide and sandy stripe of almost two kilometers along the beach and built on piles in the high rocks of a cliff with almost virgin nature.
The existence of an area for the landing of small airplanes favors the fast transportation to the main attractions of the tourist destination mentioned, especially the modality related to nature and outdoor activities. In addition, there is also a road on the sea which was constructed on a base of rocks and stones deposited on the marine bottom (what we call in Spanish: predraplen). This road (or “pedraplen”) has an extension of 48 kilimeters and is used as a bridge to link several keys in that region with the Island of Cuba.
It has 24 very well integrated to the landscape bungalows, a restaurant with spectacular views of the sea and the beach.
Journeys as well as excursions are scheduled to visit the St. Pascual ship You can also have the possibility to visit places of historical and ecological interest as well as aborigines and wild outings slaves settlements. This place also offers an opportunity of huge potential for nature staring tourism and the nautical activity, Also, tennis, golf, long walks, bicycles, walks on horseback and other endless quantity of recreational possibilities, journeys to some attractions that are available on the big Island.
The most significant places near the village are:
Caibarién, a town where a lot of fishers live and where you will be able to go to a “paladar”(private restaurant) and enjoy delicious dishes prepared with fresh fish .Besides, you will have the opportunity to be in contact with any common cuban citizen.Caibarien is at 53 Km from the keys.
Remedios is a town with a colonial center which is very well preserved. In this town “Las Parrandas” ( kind of popular parties)are held .These parties that are considered a relevant attraction for people from other latitudes take place during December 24 and 25.During the celebration of “Las Parrandas”people dance, listen to different popular musical groups, eat typical cuban food as well as sweets made of peanut,coconut etc. Remedios and its “Las Charangas” are at only 62 Km from the keys.
Santa Clara, capital of Villa Clara Province, headquarters of Ché Guevara Mauselium and the place where the Museum of the armour plate train. Santa Clara is 110 Km from the keys.
Trinidad, the Museum City of the Caribbean is very well known for its colonial center - the best preserved in America - and for its numerous and interesting museums. It also has privileged natural historic surroundings. It is 198 Km from the keys.

Cuba Villa Cayo Las Brujas Hotel , Villa Clara, We have in Cuba, wide range of hotel at your disposal where to spend your vacations in Cuba. From city rooms located in down town where history and architecture take you centuries ago, to modern placed on worldwide known Beach resorts. He Villa Cayo Las Brujas, it is a choice, here in Cuba you will find a list of more than 220 locations. In a Hotel Villa Cayo Las Brujas most of the Cuba hotels you will find a brief description and photographs of the place and detailed Cuba information giving category, hotel address, capacity, locations, A Villa Cayo Las Brujas room facilities, general services. Hotel Villa Cayo Las Brujas prices, types of rooms and seasons are listed at the end of the hotel page.

Through us, you can book your room at Hotel Villa Cayo Las Brujas. In 4 and 5 stars Historic Lodgings in Cuba Old and Modern Havana, for example the Villa Cayo Las Brujas, either in old buildings now fully restored or in recently built installations with high comfort and quality of services. The Villa Cayo Las Brujas, among them we have luxurious in Cuba rooms for VIP's willing to have first class lodging associated to business infrastructure. But this is not only possible in Cuba city and in a Villa Cayo Las Brujas, all along the island you will find available rooms, and depending on your specific interests, you could reserve at Cuba, excursions, city tours and tours departing from a Villa Cayo Las Brujas location to the countryside, the beautiful sandy Cuba beaches or even go sailing through the Caribbean clean waters.

At night, near at the Villa Cayo Las Brujas you will have at disposal clubs, cabarets, and discotheques where to enjoy Cuban salsa music and dances. If you are planning to know the whole country on your own, you can rent a car in several car rental offices included at a Villa Cayo Las Brujas, this would give you flexibility during your trip. For those looking for Cuba , Cuba Villa Cayo Las Brujas Hotel , Villa Clara

Cuba Villa Cayo Las Brujas Hotel , Villa Clara
Rooms: 24

Cuba Villa Cayo Las Brujas Hotel , Villa Clara
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